Snazzy Rides

by Matt on January 11, 2013

The interestingly named Snobama speaks longingly (and glowingly) of the super planes enjoyed by the uber-rich for The Star. Snobama references “Pimp My Ride” when speaking of the snazzy rides enjoyed by some of the wealthy, such as:

“…the most extravagant of them all, a private Airbus A380, currently being constructed for a prince of the middle east. It is rumoured that the flying mansion boasts multiple bedrooms, a gymnasium, a sauna, a library and a garage customised to fit the prince’s two favourite Rolls Royce cars.”

Snobama goes on to mention:

“Another Arab prince I know travels in a fleet of three Boeing 747s. One for him and his close circle of friends, another for his staff and their families, with the third as a back-up in case one of the other two has a glitch.”

Snobama observes that people with old money ”don’t want a jumbo jet, but a big enough plane to fit their egos and indicate their status. So for these types, the aircraft of choice is normally the Boeing Business Jet (BBJ), or any one of the older Boeing aircraft.”

When the author asked one friend why he wanted his own plane, the reply was “You haven’t really arrived, till you’ve landed on board your own plane.” :-)

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