Business Jet Range Calculator: See What Planes Can Fly Between Any Two Major Cities

by Mike on March 22, 2007

Global Business Jet Magazine’s Web site has a handy calculator for seeing what planes can fly where nonstop. All you have to do is choose the starting and destination cities and the utility will calculate the distance, and what aircraft have the range to make that specific flight. Below are some big business jets and their ranges as provided by the site (sorted by distance:)

Gulfstream G-VSP (6490 Nautical Miles)
Gulfstream G-550 (6490 Nautical Miles)
Gulfstream G-V (6250 Nautical Miles)
Boeing BBJ (6171 Nautical Miles)
Airbus ACJ (6100 Nautical Miles)
Bombardier Global Express XRS (6055 Nautical Miles)
Bombardier Global Express (6055 Nautical Miles)
Dassault 7X (6000 Nautical Miles)
Boeing BBJ2 (5673 Nautical Miles)
Gulfstream G-500 (5620 Nautical Miles)
Bombardier Global 5000 (4724 Nautical Miles)
Dassault Falcon 900EX (4240 Nautical Miles)

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